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Component Supply Company Advises S-50-HL Tygon Tubing Customers to Switch to ND100-65

LogoIndustrial and scientific products distributors Component Supply Company is notifying all of their customers that use S-50-HL Tygon medical/surgical tubing that availability of the product is depleted, or nearly depleted for some sizes, and no more of the product is being manufactured. Instead, customers are advised to switch to the replacement product, ND100-65 Tygon tubing, which has comparable uses and specifications but does not contain DEHP.

Component Supply Company Re-Launches Cutting and Fabrication Site

LogoTubing and specialty products provider Component Supply Company has re-launched its website, making shopping for cut and fabricated steel wire, hypodermic tubing, and small diameter wire an even better experience. The new site includes a product index that helps customers find what they need quickly.

Component Supply Company Now Offers Lab Kit Assortments

LogoComponent Supply Company, a tubing and specialty products provider, now offers lab kit assortments to give researchers and developers a selection of materials and sizes for hypodermic tubing, blunt needles, nylon mesh, stainless steel wire, nylon tube fitting, and shrink tubing. The kits are customizable according to the customer’s needs, and replacement pieces are available for individual purchase.

Component Supply Company Launches Informative Page for New Product

LogoFort Meade, FL - Tubing and specialty industrial and scientific product distributors Component Supply Company is launching, a new web page to help inform customers about new Tygon ® S3 ™ Tubing.

Component Supply Company Now Offering Phthalate-Free Tubing

LogoIn an effort to reduce the presence of phthalates and eliminate DEHP all together, Component Supply Company has added new phthalate-free Tygon S3 E-3603 Laboratory Tubing to their product offerings roster.

Component Supply Company Completes New Space for Mesh Products

LogoIndustrial and scientific supplies distributors Component Supply Company have expanded their already extensive product offerings by adding two new mesh materials for use in screening and filtration processes for a variety of specialized fields.

Component Supply Company Now Offers Hypodermic Tubing "Lab Kits"

LogoHypodermic Tube Assortments are a must for any busy lab – now offered by Component Supply Company online. Rather than struggle with choosing the right tubing size, or worry about ordering the wrong type, using an assortment of tubing can help labs function more efficiently and make the ordering and restocking process simple.

Component Supply Company Adds Articles and Tips Section to Its Website

LogoComponent Supply Company, a leading provider of PTFE tubing and specialty products, has announced that it has added an Articles & Tips section to its website. The section is aimed at providing valuable information for customers to help them make the right buying decisions, and includes information such as conversion charts and property sheets.

Component Supply Has Added a New Manufacturing Building

LogoThe latest addition of a new building for hypodermic tubing and wire cutting is just the latest in a string of renovations and expansions that Component Supply Company has underway. This building is expected to greatly increase their output and abilities.

Component Supply Company Offers a Range of Flexible Tygon Tubing

LogoComponent Supply Company’s inventory includes more than four different categories of Tygon tubing, which serve a variety of industries and businesses. The main types of tubing are beverage tubing, fuel tubing, lab tubing and microbore tubing.