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Condor Travel Launches Inti Raymi Tour Package for Biggest Machu Picchu Festival of 2014

Machu Picchu sees millions of visitors a year flock to it, a sheer and teraformed mountain slope home to the highest temple on earth. The site is filled with a sense of ancient mysticism, but few know the realities of what truly happened there. For those who visit, getting a window on that ancient world is a tantalizing opportunity. Thanks to Condor Travel, that is now a possibility, as they have created Machu Picchu tour packages that coincide with the Festival of The Sun, a rite still performed on its original site to this day, that visitors can experience and even take part in.

Condor Travel to Offer Carbon Bonds to Offset Plane Travel in New Eco-Tourism Policy

Tourism is more popular than ever before, and one of the benefits of globalization has been the increase in affordable travel even to intercontinental destinations. Because the world is now our oyster, many individuals seek to visit the very best destinations in the world, and among them is Peru and its famous Amazon rain forest and Inca temples. The true cost of this tourism however actually contributes to the destruction of these environments due to the pollution created by the transport infrastructure used to enjoy these sights. Peru tour operators Condor Travel have now signed an agreement that could change that, and offer eco-friendly travelers a clear conscience.

Condor Travel Becomes a Verified Rainforest Alliance Member to Cement Eco-Tourism

The environment provides us with a world of wonders to explore and experience, and creates unforgettable events and landscapes, from geysers, glaciers and the northern lights to rainforests, mountains and wildlife. This natural world is however under increasing threat from rising carbon levels that are now causing drastic climate change. Once Peru tour operators Condor Travel expanded into Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and other South American destinations they understood they had to do so responsibly, and so have become a member of the Rainforest Alliance.