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Chapter 13 Attorneys Breaks Down Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for Californians

Chapter 13 attorneys have a very important job: to help a person to save their home and car after they fall behind on payments. If someone has missed a single car payment, even if they are just a few days late, it is possible for the finance company to repossess the car.

Consumer Action Law Group Attorney Explains Why Disputing Errors on Credit Report May Be Consumers' Best Option

Disputing errors on credit report has become very important as having errors on credit report can lead to serious consequences in one's financial life. A recent study conducted by CareerBuilder showed that 78% of Americans are living on paycheck to paycheck. One major factor is that millions of Americans have errors on their credit report that make it much more expensive to borrow money and to purchase items.

Foreclosure Surplus Funds Attorneys Recover Money for Distressed Homeowners

When a house is sold in a foreclosure sale, the owners of the house are legally entitled to receive all surplus fund leftover after the sale. The surplus money is calculated by subtracting the amount of loan outstanding at the time of sale from the amount of the selling price.