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The Foreclosure Lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group Advise Consumers How to Stop Foreclosure Immediately

In times of economic strife, families often struggle to keep up with all of their financial requirements. In California, which was hit particularly hard by the great recession in 2008, many families have found themselves in dire circumstances. The choice between paying the mortgage and making sure that the children have enough to eat is a hard one, and the constant layoffs have not made it easier for families to meet their obligations. For those who have found themselves struggling under the weight of a mortgage they can no longer afford, when the bank has sent a notice of default, there is no need to despair – homeowners can stop foreclosure sales and save their home.

How to Stop Foreclosure in California

In California, the mortgage company has the right to start the foreclosure process when home owners cannot keep up with their mortgage payments. It is possible to stop foreclosure sales by hiring a foreclosure attorney in your state. An experienced foreclosure attorney is better equipped to help a homeowner than the lender when it comes to guiding the homeowner on how to stop foreclosure from proceeding.

Foreclosure Lawyers That Stop Foreclosure Sales

There are still many homeowners in the States of California that are facing foreclosure. Whether these homeowners are in the early stage of foreclosure or have already received a notice of default or notice of sale, there is hope for those who want to stop the foreclosure process and save the home. When receiving a notice of default or notice of trustee sale, homeowners have the best chance of saving their home when they contact foreclosure lawyers for assistance to stop the foreclosure process. In most cases, foreclosure attorneys can help homeowners to stop foreclosure and save their property.

Foreclosure Attorneys That Successfully Defend Foreclosure

For those facing foreclosure in California there are very strong laws in place to help protect borrowers against illegal lender practices. Although many home owners believe that their lenders will help them avoid the loss of their home, illegal foreclosures often happen while lenders are telling borrowers that they are trying to help. In California, the foreclosure process cannot start until a lender contacts a home owner after they fall behind on their mortgage payments. Commonly, many homeowners get a notice of foreclosure in a time of extreme difficulty; after a job loss or after an accident. Many people facing foreclosure feel confused about what to do. Of course, most people don't want to lose their home.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Stop Foreclosure

Bankruptcy allows individuals to resolve their financial difficulties and rebuild their credit. In many cases, people file bankruptcy when they are facing foreclosure. Foreclosure happens when the lender or the mortgage company exercises their right to take back the property because the borrower has missed more than 3 monthly payments and fallen into default.

Foreclosure Attorney That Stop Trustee Sale

Facing a foreclosure is frightening. It can cause panic for those who don't know where to turn to for help. Complicated legal jargon only makes the process worse. Fortunately, hiring a strong foreclosure attorney to stop a trustee sale is an option available to homeowners in California. Lenders will often tell borrowers not to hire a foreclosure lawyer when they call discuss foreclosure assistance, however, there are particular situations that make doing so even more urgent.

California Car Dealership Attorneys Fight Car Dealer Auto Fraud

Many California car buyers get scammed by used car dealers. The most common fraud issues are false advertising, hidden accidents, and financing scams. In California, it is against the law for a dealer to sell a car for any amount higher than the advertised price. It is also illegal for a dealer to hide previous accidents or serious damage from the buyer. A dealer must also comply with strict financing laws that protect California car buyers. When car dealers break the law, the auto fraud attorneys at Consumer Action Law group sue car dealers for fraud.

Contact a Foreclosure Attorney and Stop Foreclosure in Los Angeles

There are still many California homeowners trapped in the foreclosure crisis, struggling to save their home. In the past, foreclosure was the worst possible situation for a homeowner. Fortunately, that's no longer the case as California created legal protection for borrowers trying to save their home. Borrower that are unable to keep up with mortgage payments may find that their lender is not willing to help. Anyone facing foreclosure should consult with an experienced foreclosure attorney to know what options are available and how best to proceed.

Foreclosure Attorney That Dedicated to Foreclosure Defense

Since 2013 homeowners in California have had the legal protection of the Homeowner Bill of Rights to prevent foreclosure. This law reformed the California foreclosure process to give homeowners better protection against foreclosures.

Contact a Foreclosure Attorney to Stop Foreclosure Sales and Dispute Foreclosure Notices

The California Home Owner Bill of Rights law [SB900] requires the lender to send a letter offering assistance to a borrower prior to foreclosure when a borrower is late on mortgage payments. The same law also protects borrowers from harassment by the lender. Once a borrower receives a notice of foreclosure, or learns about the foreclosure sale date, it is best to contact an experienced foreclosure attorney to discuss the situation and options available.