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Fired or Quit Due to a Hostile Work Environment?

Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to work in a hostile work environment knows that it is traumatic. A hostile work environment dramatically decreases productivity and in some cases can even result in physical illness caused by the stress associated with the work environment.

Foreclosure Attorneys That Stop Foreclosure and Fight Notice of Default

Every day, thousands of homeowners in California face foreclosure. The foreclosure laws in California require lenders to send a notice of foreclosure to a borrower who defaults on a loan. For those home owners who have received a notice of default or notice of trustee sale, it is best to call a foreclosure attorney to find a solution to stop the trustee sale.

Foreclosure Lawyers in California That Stop Foreclosure

Foreclosure is still very much alive in California even though the economy has been improving and jobs have been created in the past few years. Many homeowners are still struggling to keep their jobs and taking pay cuts, or losing their jobs, or battling illness. Every day, borrowers receive notices of default and trustee sales that result in foreclosure auctions. Every day, the foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group are in the trenches to stop foreclosure for distressed borrowers.