Container Exchanger

Container Exchanger Launches New App to Streamline Buying and Selling

Container Exchanger, a company that specializes in finding buyers and sellers of reusable industrial packaging, has just released an app for iOS and Android mobile device users that makes it even faster and easier to buy and sell their containers, pallets, and other used industrial goods. This will help streamline the process for its customers and simplify both ends of the transaction spectrum.

Container Exchanger Announces Improved Rates for Sellers of Many Containers

Container Exchanger, a container brokerage service for manufacturers and commercial customers, announced that the company is now offering higher rates to sellers of a variety of used container types. Improvements in the company's already-efficient logistics and processing operations have allowed it to increase the rates paid for a number of the most-demanded container types, and these rates are effective immediately. Container Exchanger is one of the nation's leading companies of its type and boasts a long list of satisfied customers on both the buying and selling sides of the operation.