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Convert Audio Free Offers Free WMV to MPG Converter to Enhance Media Universality

People now consume media in more ways than ever- not only from more sources with the onset of online streaming services like Netflix but also on more devices, including their mobile phones and even MP3 players. Gone are the days when people only watch digital video on their PCs, which spells the end for the Windows Media Video format supported only by Windows PCs, which themselves have decreased in market share over recent years. Convert Audio Free has created a program to help users handle the transition and easily convert WMV to MPG to make their media library accessible to all devices.

FLV to MP4 Converter for YouTube Downloads Launched by Convert Audio Free

Flash Video, or FLV as it is also known, is a popular choice of video encoding process with online video streaming services like YouTube, owing to its lightweight size and relatively high image quality. The problem with FLV is that it must be played by Flash Player, which is not a free service when required for desktop use. Furthermore Flash Player is not available for Android devices and not compatible with iPhones. To solve this drawback and allow media downloaders to play their videos wherever they want, Convert Audio Free - after the success of their FLV to MPG Converter- has created a new FLV to MP4 converter.

Convert Audio Free Creates MP3 Joiner to Amalgamate Songs for Playlists and Albums

MP3 files are now the single most popular format for music and audio. They are a lightweight file that is not too large but still has a relatively good quality of music reproduction. The files are almost always of single songs, however, and this can create problems for those who want to preserve an album in its entirety or those who record interviews in sections but wish to have them collated as a single document. Convert Audio Free have now created an MP3 Joiner that allows users to create one MP3 file out of two. Publishes MP4 to WMV Converter to Enhance Playback on Windows Devices

MP4 is the preferred video format of many filmmaking professionals, and as a result it has found popularity on Vimeo and other high end download sites. Despite this, the format still has compatibility issues, particular with older windows devices, which prefer the native Windows Media Video format, or WMV. In order to solve this issue, Convert Audio Free has continue their foray into the video world by creating an MP4 to WMV converter in order to create duplicates that can be played on any Windows device.

Convert Audio Free Launches MP4 to MPG Converter for Those with Codec Problems

MP4 is a video codec used for encoding audiovisual media for playback on computers and online. Vimeo in particular is an advocate of the higher quality MP4 codec and allows many of its videos to be downloaded using this format. However, the format does have playback issues on many devices, including mobile phones and tablets, but especially older PCs. In order to watch MP4 files, individuals first need to convert them to a playable format, and Convert Audio Free has made that possible by creating their free MP4 to MPG converter.

Convert Audio Free Launches Video to MP3 Converter to Rip Sound from Favorite Videos

Video content is in fact audiovisual (or AV) content, and there is a reason the word audio comes first. Visual media was still a novelty until it could be paired with audio, because speech and sound are still the main way we relate to these kinds of media. In many cases, the visual is there just to provide a context to the sound. Convert Audio Free has created a video to MP3 converter that will allow individuals to make sound files from video.

WMV to MP4 Converter to Enhance Video Compatibility Launched by Convert Audio Free

Windows still hold the majority market share in personal computing, but that lead is slipping year by year. A larger percentage than ever now use Apple devices which come with their own operating system, and more and more people are using Android powered tablets to access the net and do more of their computer’s work. As a result, formats like Windows Media Video no longer excel because they fail to meet the needs of the contemporary consumer. Convert Audio Free has launched a WMV to MP4 converter that will allow users to watch their video files on devices other than their PC.

Convert Audio Free Launches WMV to MOV Converter to Play Windows Files on Mac

Windows Media Video is the default format for video created on Windows computers. While the majority of computer users still use Windows, an increasing number of individuals are converting to Mac. This means WMV files are causing problems for more people than ever, and because the two companies are so fiercely competitive with one another, Mac has its own MOV format that it considers the default. In order to bridge this divide in compatibility, Convert Audio Free has created a free WMV to MOV converter so that individuals can start to share media from Windows to Mac without a problem.

Convert Audio Free Launches Free WMV to FLV Converter to Allow for Faster YouTube Uploads

WMV is a file format used by Windows Media applications and is the primary export format for videos created using Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is favored by amateur content creators who nevertheless can attract large audiences online through sites like YouTube. The issue they face is that WMV is not a supported format for YouTube playback and so users are left frustrated as YouTube must convert their WMV to FLV format- taking up time and decreasing overall quality. Convert Audio Free has now launched a new tool to put this process in the hands of content creators.

Convert Audio Free Releases Soundcloud Downloader to Access Great Tunes Offline

Soundcloud is a hugely popular music streaming service that gives users access to a database of millions of songs online and makes recommendations based on a user’s taste preferences. Now with over 38 million registered users it represents one of the biggest online communities in the world. However, its service is not without limitations and the chief frustration users report is the inability to download songs from the service. Thanks to Convert Audio Free that is now a possibility, using their new Soundcloud Downloader to get music tracks from Soundcloud and use them on all media devices on demand.