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The Wealth Transfer Show Features Terry Sacka on Protecting IRA's with Precious Metals

The global financial downturn, first characterized by the sub-prime mortgage crisis before spiralling out of control and sinking some of the biggest banks across the world, has created a huge amount of uncertainty in those thinking about their own future. The dollar has taken a big hit on the global market and is certainly worth less now than when Baby Boomers started working, making many of them concerned about their retirement funds. The Christian Television Network’s Wealth Transfer Show featured precious metals investment expert Terry Sacka giving information on IRAs and 401ks.

Terry Sacka Appears on Wealth Transfer Show to Discuss Fiscal Cliff and 2013 Debt Ceiling

The debt ceiling increase in 2013 has been a highly controversial topic that despite its serious implications for the US economy seems to have been deemed a necessity for securing a future for the nation. Not all financial experts agree on the move however, and some are quick to warn of serious consequences.

Terry Sacka Discusses Why the Gold Meltdown Is Heating Up with Investors Business Daily

In a controversial statement on the Investors Business Daily website, Terry Sacka, Chief Strategist at Cornerstone Asset Metals, explained that the recent fall in gold prices may have more to it than the simple bursting of a bubble, as self-interested investors aim to hijack the resource from moral investors looking to save for their families.

Terry Sacka Appears on Wealth Transfer Show to Discuss Global Economics, Biblical Principles and Preserving a Family's Wealth

In times of high inflation investments in traditional stocks become perilous as the weight of the economy quickly tends to shift toward devaluing currency. When this occurs, people who didn’t take advantage of the boom in the cycle are short sold on their savings. Terry Sacka, who established Cornerstone Asset Metals to help people free themselves of the systematic risks that cause paper currencies to boom and bust, presented a talk on wealth transfer strategies on the appropriately named Wealth Transfer Show.

Terry Sacka of Cornerstone Asset Metals Announces That Gold and Silver Are Forming a Major Bottom at Oversold Levels

Terry Sacka, an asset management specialist with Cornerstone Asset Metals has been quoted in numerous publications on matters surrounding the price of gold and silver.