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Cowan Investigations Gets to the Bottom of Employee Misconduct Throughout NJ

Employees are expected to do their jobs with professionalism every day to earn their pay. However, dishonest employees will find ways to get around rules, waste time and resources, and jeopardize the safety of others. These employees purposefully or inadvertently engage in misconduct that merits either documentation, professional warning, or termination, depending on the severity and pervasiveness of their offenses. Since it is up to the employer to prove misconduct and defend the disciplinary action taken, it can be challenging to collect the appropriate evidence without raising the alarm or risking retaliation. Fortunately, the misconduct and infidelity investigations in Middlesex County, NJ, conducted by the experts at Cowan Investigations can inconspicuously identify misconduct and compile evidence.

Cowan Investigations Provides Clients with Expert Private Background Investigations in Bergen County, NJ

Background checks are an integral part of any private investigator's repertoire and are essential in most types of private investigations. Unfortunately, many people choose to use online background check services that are cheap and provide only basic information about their subjects. In this automated and technologically-advanced society, reliance on the internet is more than apparent, but some services still need a human touch. At Cowan Investigations, top background investigators in Bergen County, NJ, Atlantic County, and Camden County, among other nearby areas, are skilled at finding information about any subject for any of their clients.

Cowan Investigations Proves Supportive Relationships and Cohabitation Through Expert Alimony Investigations in New Jersey

When a married couple divorces, a common result is court-ordered alimony payments one ex-spouse must make to the other to guarantee that the dependent ex-spouse is not left at an unfair disadvantage after the divorce. Sometimes, the dependent ex-spouse does not require the alimony payments or a portion of those payments to maintain their living and financial situation due to cohabitation with an unrelated partner. Cowan Investigations has provided top alimony investigators in Monmouth County, NJ, in order to prove cohabitation in previously-dependent ex-spouses enabling the termination or reduction of alimony payments.

Cowan Investigations Continues to Provide Investigation Services for Competitive Prices in New Jersey

When clients are deciding whether they should choose one private investigation agency over another, it is important for them to know the average costs for PI services in the region. Since private investigators are private citizens performing specialized investigations for other private citizens, clients are usually paying to utilize the knowledge, expertise, and experience of a licensed professional.

Cowan Investigations Providing Lawful Private Detection Services to Clients in New Jersey

When considering hiring a private investigator for cases involving alimony and cohabitation, child custody, and spousal infidelity, many potential PI clients worry about the legality of hiring a detective outside of a police department or government agency. However, the leading alimony investigators in Monmouth County, NJ, and the rest of the state, at Cowan Investigations, wish to assuage these doubts by assuring clients that it is legal, and, in many instances, beneficial to hire a private investigator for their cases.

Cowan Investigations Proving Cohabitation and Terminating or Reducing Alimony Payments for New Jersey Clients

When married couples separate or divorce, alimony payments are often necessary to guarantee that one spouse is not left without the appropriate financial support they've grown accustomed to. After a separation, sometimes an ex-spouse will begin unlawfully cohabiting with another person while still on the receiving end of alimony payments. In many cases, the alimony recipient is no longer dependent on the other ex-spouse for financial support, making him or her ineligible for alimony benefits. Unfortunately, if the paying spouse believes that the ex-spouse is cohabiting with someone else, it is frequently difficult to prove that fact.

Cowan Investigations Advises on the Importance of Child Custody Investigations

As the leading provider of infidelity investigations in Middlesex County, NJ, and the surrounding areas, Cowan Investigations understands that relationships and marriages can sometimes end in divorce or separation. However, when children are involved, and there's a custody agreement, ensuring they're safe and properly cared for becomes paramount. Now, the trusted and licensed private investigators are advising on why a child custody investigation can be crucial in these cases.

Cowan Investigations Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Cheating Spouse Cases

As the top-rated private investigators in Bergen County and alimony investigators serving Monmouth County, NJ, Cowan Investigations understands that any cases of suspicion of a loved one's deception and lies can be delicate. This fact holds especially true for those who suspect their spouse of cheating. Now, the company is offering answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding cheating spouse investigations.

Cowan Investigations Advises on when and Why to Hire a PI for an Alimony Case

As the top-rated alimony investigators serving Monmouth County, NJ, and the surrounding areas, Cowan investigations understands the challenges that a divorce proceeding can create for spouses. Not only can it create animosity between the two, but it often leads to suspicion of adultery, withheld finances, and more. Now, the organization is advising on when and why a spouse should seek a PI to investigate.

Cowan Investigations Is Dedicated to Privacy, Discretion, and Confidentiality for Their Clients

As the top-rated private investigator providing infidelity investigations in Monmouth County, NJ, and throughout the region, Cowan Investigations understands the need for trust and discretion when conducting investigations for their clients. The organization not only handles each and every one of their cases with the highest level of professionalism, but with the utmost confidentiality as well.