Cowan Investigations

Cowan Investigations Performs Thorough Employee Misconduct Investigations

As a background investigator for Mercer County, NJ, Cowan Investigations performs professional employee misconduct investigations for companies and employers across the region, drawing on Bob Cowan's experience as the former Chief of the Jersey City Police Department. During that time, his duties included overseeing the Internal Affairs Unit, and before that, he already had nearly three decades of experience in other police supervisory positions, handling complaints of all kinds.

Cowan Investigations Announces Former Jersey City Police Captain Joseph Ascolese as Regional Operations Manager

The leader in cohabitation investigations in Monmouth County, NJ, and other areas across the state including Ocean, Bergen, Mercer, and Middlesex Counties, Cowan Investigations is proud to announce the addition of former Jersey City Police Captain Joseph Ascolese to their team as the Regional Operations Manager.

Cowan Investigations Offers Information on Cohabiting and Its Impact on Alimony

As the trusted private investigators in Mercer County, NJ, as well as Bergen, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties, Cowan Investigations understands the seriousness of issues such as alimony and child support, and the circumstances that can complicate them, including cohabitation. Now, the organization is offering information on cohabiting, and the significant impact it can have on alimony agreements.

Cowan Investigations Performs Expert Alimony Investigations

As the former Chief of Police of Jersey City, Bob Cowan of Cowan Investigations uses his in-depth knowledge and expertise to conduct alimony investigations for private citizens. Frequently, ex-spouses who are receiving alimony payments will attempt to continue taking alimony, even after having found a new partner who provides material and financial support. Bob Cowan has the skills necessary to uncover such deceptions, helping his clients prove cohabitation in a court of law.

Cowan Investigations Specializes in Child Custody Issues

Operating out of New Jersey, Cowan Investigations conducts private investigations for the public, relying on Bob Cowan's decades of experience in the Jersey City Police Department, eventually rising to Chief of Police.

Cowan Investigations Specializes in Cohabitation Investigations

Cowan Investigations of New Jersey performs private investigations for the public, relying on Bob Cowan's decades of experience in the Jersey City Police Department.