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Creative Masonry & Chimney Announces Last Call for Chimney Repair Services This November

LogoNow that the fall 2015 season is about halfway through, many homeowners who still need to make repairs to their chimneys should do so immediately, before winter weather truly arrives. One company that homeowners in Hartford, CT, and surrounding areas can turn to for repairs this November is Creative Masonry & Chimney. In fact, the company has just announced their last call for any chimney repair services needed this November. Creative Masonry & Chimney provides chimney repair services in Hartford, CT, as well as Bristol, CT, and those who are interested in their services can call them at 877-417-1381 or 860-261-2053.

Creative Masonry & Chimney Announces Their Fireplace Doors Are Available to Be Shipped Nationwide

LogoWhen homeowners are looking to update the look of their fireplace, or want to ensure that there is even less of a chance that it will cause a fire, one thing that they can do is install glass fireplace doors. When looking for glass fireplace doors this fall, one company that homeowners can turn to is Creative Masonry & Chimney. In fact, this Unionville, CT-based company is eager to announce that their glass fireplace doors are available to be shipped nationwide. Therefore, whether a customer needs fireplace glass doors shipped to their home in Canton, CT, or to their home in any state in New England, Creative Masonry & Chimney can accommodate.

Creative Masonry & Chimney Announces Chimney Cleaning and Concrete Repair Services Available This September

LogoWith fall weather quickly approaching, and winter weather soon behind, now is the time for homeowners throughout Connecticut to get their homes winter-ready. Those who are concerned with the stability of their chimney, or in need of any last-minute repairs for their basements, patios or walkways, can turn to Creative Masonry & Chimney. In fact, this Unionville, CT-based company has just announced that they are currently available to take on any chimney cleaning and concrete repair jobs in Hartford, CT, and surrounding areas this September.

Creative Masonry & Chimney Taking New Customers in Need of Chimney Sweeping Services This August

LogoUnionville, CT-based Creative Masonry & Chimney is eager to announce that they are taking new customers in need of chimney sweeping services this August. Those who are interested in scheduling an appointment with one of their cleaners or contractors can call them at 877-417-1381 or 860-261-2053. Creative Masonry & Chimney can also be reached by filling out a Service Request From available on their website,

Creative Masonry & Chimney Providing Services for Chimney Sweeps and Repairs This Summer

LogoChimneys should be inspected prior to the beginning of heating season, including systems for gas, oil and propane. In addition, wood burning fireplace chimneys should be inspected after every cord of wood is burned. As the summer rolls on and homeowners are continuing to notice signs of weathering, wear or water damage to their masonry structures, there's no better time to inquire about sweeps and repair services. Avoid waiting for maintenance during the busy fall and winter months, and contact Creative Masonry & Chimney for great deals this summer on chimney repair in the Hartford, CT area.

Creative Masonry & Chimney Appointed as National Distributor of Wohler Technologies

LogoStriving to provide the best chimney services through innovative equipment, Creative Masonry & Chimney is proud to announce they have been appointed a national distributor of Wöhler Technologies equipment. The professional and experienced masons will be utilizing the equipment for all future chimney inspections and sweeps, as well as distributing them to chimney restoration companies across the United States.

Creative Masonry & Chimney Providing Chimney Sweeps and Repairs This Spring

LogoAfter the grueling winter experienced in the Northeast, property owners may notice damage and deterioration on their masonry structures. The smallest of cracks could allow water infiltration and further problems with the foundation. To avoid damage to the masonry and maintain a healthy indoor air quality, Creative Masonry & Chimney is announcing their services for spring chimney sweeps and repairs.