Criminal Data – Criminal Records For Your Safety is a pre-employment screening service provider that is dedicated to crime-prevention in your workplace and home. With access to the Department of Corrections, Statewide criminal records, statewide sex-offender records, and County court records, Criminal Data offers a full range of pre-employment screening services and background checks for employers, human resources, and Security departments.

Criminal Data a Step Towards Safe Life

Crime has become an inseparable part of our life. It is these criminal activities and rises in crime that turns a normal person into a coward; who feels afraid from taking the challenges of life. The rising crime is a threat to everyone’s life.

Comprehensive Background Screening Solutions

The demand for employee background screening continues to rise due to concerns about work place security. is one of the successful, best-of-breed companies that provide competitive advantage and secure services. With access over 200,000,000 criminal and sex offender records, this is one of the top screening companies that provides online criminal background checks, records, histories and data for individuals, families, companies and organizations.