Critical Systems, Inc.

First Look at Arc Machine's New M217 Orbital Welding Power Supply

LogoArc Machines (AMI) in Pacoima, Ca. has long been a market leader in the field of orbital welding. Beginning with the Model 107 fusion tube welder in 1979, and the Model 207 in 1989, AMI set the industry standard for reliable commercial orbital fusion welding systems for over 30 years. Because of their simple robust designs, ease of use, and ability to consistently deliver quality welds, AMI has owned the lion’s share of the orbital welding market.

Arc Machines & Critical Systems Partner in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic

LogoArc Machines, Inc. (AMI) announced today that it has entered an agreement with Critical Systems, Inc. to be its exclusive Sales Representative for AMI’s Southeast & Mid-Atlantic Regions. Critical Systems, Inc. (CSI) now carries the full AMI product line in NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, TN VA, MD, DE, and the District of Columbia.

Simple Innovations Improve Delatech Gas Scrubber Operation and Efficiency

LogoFor Fab Managers and Facilities Engineers who have a Delatech gas abatement scrubber, periodic maintenance is often overlooked – until it the scrubber alarm goes off. Then, the time-consuming and costly task of troubleshooting the issue begins, not to mention potential downtime, abatement efficiency loss and environmental implications.