Croft Fireplace Center

Croft Fireplace Encourages Homeowners to Install an Outdoor Fireplace This Spring

Croft Fireplace is encouraging homeowners to install an outdoor fireplace this spring for several reasons. The company has provided both indoor and outdoor fireplaces in Weber County and surrounding areas for over fifteen years. Their dedicated team of technical professionals has installed and renovated thousands of fireplaces to the very highest of industry standards.

Croft Fireplace Gets Homes Set for Summer with Outstanding Outdoor Fireplaces

No matter if it's next to the pool, on the patio, or installed near to the outdoor kitchen or lounge area, there is no denying that an outdoor fireplace or fire pit has the ability to set the scene for the perfect summer night where individuals of all ages can gather and relax.

Croft Fireplace Offers the DaVinci Collection for Utah Residents

When one is attempting to select the perfect fireplace designs in Summit County, there is no better choice than the luxury line of fireplaces created by DaVinci, which are available at Utah's premier fireplace installation service — Croft Fireplace. Whether homeowners are into modern or classical fireplace designs, The DaVinci Collection is the embodiment of in-home elegance.

Croft Fireplace Is Booking Fireplace Installations in 2019

While many customers may believe that fireplace inserts can only be installed during the warmer months of the year, Croft Fireplace would like to dispel this myth. As the leading provider of fireplace installation services in Davis County, Croft Fireplace is happy to announce that interested customers can book fireplace installations throughout 2019 including during the winter months.

Croft Fireplace Works with Client from Start to Finish

With over 15 years of experience, Croft Fireplace Center of Salt Lake City and Bountiful, Utah provides expert installation of wood, gas, and electric fireplaces and stoves for homes and businesses. The company works with their clients from the beginning of the model selection process through design and implementation to deliver the best results.