Crowdfunding Campaign PR

Carlos Patino Signs on as Marketing Manager of SpaceHarp

SpaceHarp Corporation is pleased to announce that Carlos Patino and the Company have reached an agreement for his immediate engagement as SpaceHarp's Product Marketing Manager and contingent Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Surf Shop Raises Funds to Bring the Joy of Surfing to Special Needs Children and Teens

Special Surfer Night, a nonprofit offering free surfing adventures for special needs children and young adults, announces an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to bring the joys of surfing to hundreds of "special surfers" each summer. Since 2004, Special Surfer Night has been organized by surfer Nanci Boutet, whose Aquaholics Surf Shop provided the free wetsuits, surf boards, and SUPs. The program, which pairs volunteer teams with special surfers, has become so popular that Aquaholics owner Nanci Boutet created a nonprofit to separate the program from the shop. Newly armed with its nonprofit status, Special Surfer Night is now seeking funding to buy its own surfboards, wetsuits, and SUPs, and get these kids into the water.

Director's First Time Feature Stars Many Familiar Faces, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The newest newcomer to the big screen is going to hit the big screens this Halloween. No it's not another teen horror movie. It's the latest high school coming of age story by newcomer and first time feature film director Mark Marchillo. These kids dance the field away to compete for the high school crown of King and Queen at R. Murray High School. Will it be newbie Bloom, a recent transfer student, or her arch nemesis and most popular school Dance Team Leader, Harmony? The two square off in this fun but odd match to the finish. Someone is doomed to "Break a Leg' on the dance floor, or rather, football field!

New Generation Rocket Engine for Space Travel: RocketStar Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Rocketstar, LLC, rocket engine company based in New York City, is currently developing a new generation of rocket engines, beginning with an aerospike engine intended to democratize space and unlock its promise of the future by creating a cost-effective, reusable, reliable, environmentally friendly and highly cost effective rocket engine.

Big City Entertainment Launches Campaign for Brotheman Graphic Novel Through Crowdfunding Platform Indiegogo

The creative team behind the critically acclaimed comic books series, Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline announced today that it will be launching a seed round funding campaign using the crowdfunding platform for the highly anticipated graphic novel, Brotherman-Revelation, effective April 6, 2015. The company is targeting to raise up to US$ 150,000 for production, marketing, and distribution, scheduled to reach the masses in Fall 2015.

Lynk Secures Your Mobile Digital Identity

uConekt Inc., a Toronto based company, is launching a crowdfunding campaign for lynk, a wireless device that protects users' mobile digital identity on smart devices. "lynk's inception was very personal for me," says Vincent Ramoutar, founder of uConekt and creator of lynk.

New RPG Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Now that superhero movies and Lord of the Rings have become cultural mainstays, all things geek are attracting the attention of people that wouldn't have considered them "cool" just a couple of decades ago. Cosplayers—people who make and wear costumes of their favorite characters—have become a fixture of the media. Geeky conventions across the country are enjoying unprecedented growth, which has led to a proliferation of even more conventions. In Indiana alone, where there were once three conventions (Gen Con, Whos Yer Con, and InConjunction), there are now six. And it's time for roleplaying games to come out of the proverbial basement. Palegain Press LLC's upcoming revision to its Universal Storytelling System aims to grow the hobby by targeting people not yet role playing, and those who may feel socially marginalized. Many games have a steep learning curve and rely on ideas that aren't well understood by non-gamers. Dice can have more or less sides than six, the character sheets seem intimidating, the math can be daunting, and finding a group of experienced players that can teach the games can be difficult. To handle these roadblocks, the Universal Storytelling System uses a standard set of playing cards as its random mechanic, simplifying how a player interacts with the system. The rule book is a thin, digest-sized book, meaning there are few rules the player needs to learn in order to use the system. The social component has been addressed in several ways. To help players better understand their characters, there are physical and emotional description sections that encourage thinking about the character's unique outlook on the world. Player-driven short term and long term goals provide impetus for the character to grow and change as the story progresses. Universal Storytelling System is also designed and presented in an inclusive manner. This is an important aspect of the game, since the tabletop gaming community is stepping into the culture-discussion, with female gamers and LGBT gamers becoming prominent ambassadors of the hobby.

Filmmakers Take Risks with a Controversial Documentary That Blurs the Line Between Science and Spirituality

Brooklyn-based independent filmmakers and husband and wife team, Joal Mejia and Katy Walker, are close to completing a three year project that documents a mysterious phenomenon called synchronicity, first discovered by renowned psychotherapist, Carl Jung. Their documentary film, Time is Art, follows the journey of a writer trying to make sense of the recurring symbols and strange coincidences that she began experiencing after 9/11 and the death of a loved one.

Inventor Realizes Twenty Year Dream with Spaceharp

It's a story of that spirit of human discovery and invention, where a passion that never says "I quit" perseveres until the vision becomes a reality. A nearly lifelong journey that's led to an Indiegogo launch of the SpaceHarp.

Ninja Trail - New Puzzle/Game App Released in 2015

HARLEY PIERRE, a 21 year old from Plymouth came up with the vision of creating a game that fulfills the fun, addictive, strategic needs of gaming consumers after trying to find a game like this on the iTunes app store and not being successful with it.