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Crowson Law Group Offers Legal Assistance to Victims of Motorcycle Accidents

LogoEach year millions of products are recalled for a number of different reasons. Recalls affect the very smallest of items such as children's toys up to the largest of items such as vehicles. In the event that a product is recalled this is usually because of some safety concern. With the number of product recalls done every year it is important to know the circumstances associated with recalled items.

Crowson Law Group Offers Affordable Legal Assistance to Victims for Personal Injury Claims

LogoA question that is commonly asked with regards to personal injury claims is "How long will it take to resolve my claim?" No personal injury attorney will give any individual an exact time frame, rather it is likely that their response will start with the words "It depends..." The reality is that the answer to this question varies mainly because cases can take different amounts of time because of a number of different factors. This article will discuss factors that can directly influence the timing of personal injury claims.

Crowson Law Group Offering Personal Injury Legal Assistance

LogoCrowson Law Group was founded by Attorney James Crownson who began his career defending insurance companies and health care providers against negligence claims. He then discovered that he had a passion for assisting individuals to secure their compensation and the benefits they need to support themselves and their families in the wake of devastating injury or loss. He founded his own private company in North Carolina to serve the interest of plaintiff clients, using his past defense experience to devise more effective strategies on behalf of accident victims. Currently, James and his team continue with their mission of seeking justice for those in need. Since its establishment in Alaska, the firm has dedicated its resources to assist thousands of Alaska citizens with their legal issues.

Crowson Law Group Focuses Exclusively on Personal Injury Matters

LogoIf you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident that results in some injury or loss you may be eligible for compensation by way of a personal injury claim. If such an accident is as a result of negligence, recklessness or intentional actions of another driver the law provides that you be 'made whole' by way of a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Injuries that result from car accidents may cause the victim to endure hospitalization, surgery, therapy, medication and other treatments necessary for the individual's recovery. When an individual undergoes such treatments they may dwell on the unfairness of the situation especially when the medical bills begin to pile up. The option of filing a personal injury claim becomes viable, however, the question is whether to settle a matter or go to trial.

Crowson Law Group Provides Accident Attorney in Alaska

LogoTechnology has arrived at a point whereby a smaller vehicle has a black box within it that recounts the events or collects data with regards to how the vehicle has travelled. More importantly the black box provides data with regards as to how an accident occurred. The black box can be found in a smaller vehicle or something as large as an airplane that encounters a collision or accident. And it is from this data that an expert is able to reconstruct the accident in order to determine more of what happened.

Personal Injury: Emergency Vehicle Accidents

LogoThis Press Release discusses emergency vehicle accident statistics and comments on filing a claim against an emergency vehicle driver.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents: Fault and Compensation

LogoIt is not uncommon on a highway for accidents to involve multiple vehicles, in fact such accidents happen every day in various states. It takes only but a split second to cause irreparable damage. From that one act or failure to act comes a number of factors in determining liability and the root cause of the accident.

Filing an Aircraft Accident Claim

LogoTravelling by air is still one of the safest forms of transportation and as a result it has become the most common forms of transportation used. Because air travel has become the most common form of transportation throughout the world, no one really likes to think about being involved in a plane crash when they are travelling. However, the reality is plane crashes happen and people should know what to expect in the event that this occurs. 

Understanding Birth Control Lawsuits

LogoBayer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world posted a notice on its website on July 20, 2018 stating that it will voluntary stop selling Essure in the United States for business reasons. The notice advised that the birth control devices would no longer be available after December 31, 2018. Such a decision was made after months of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordering that the Essure birth control device be further restricted due to concerns about the serious health risks to women. One article stated that, "the FDA took the step because of information indicating that women were not being adequately warned about the potential side effects and complications they could face. However, the company maintains its opinion that Essure is safe and effective."

Succeeding in a 'Simple' Personal Injury Claim

LogoThere are instances where the manner in which a car accident occurs may make the issue of fault cut and dry. However, even though it is clear that the car accident was the other person's fault there is still an uphill battle against the insurance company especially if you are an unrepresented plaintiff.