Crucial Vacuum

Crucial Vacuum Rap Rebuttal to World's Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner $1 Million Dollar Gold Vacuum

Committed to its promise of bringing vacuum products to the 99%, online retailer Crucial Vacuum ( has released a rap video rebuttal in response to the recent release of a $1,000,000 vacuum within the industry. Hyped online in a rap video, a 24-karat gold plated vacuum needlessly caters to the 1%, while, in contrast, Crucial Vacuum stands proud for every person's right to have access to a clean home and clean air without having to pay a million bucks for it. The Crucial Vacuum rap rebuttal video also includes a promotion code 'THE99PERCENT' - a 25% discount offer that fans and customers can use at the Crucial Vacuum web site with purchases over $35 dollars until 8/31/2012.