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Kittitian Hills Sets High Sustainability Standard with $1 Million Cruise Car Vehicle Order

LogoKittitian Hills Resort is a Caribbean community "with a passion for sustainable living" and has turned to Cruise Car of Sarasota, FL to support their commitment to environmentally responsible solutions. Located in the tropics of the West Indies, on the beatific island of St. Kitts, Kittitian Hills is focused on community-driven initiatives to simultaneously surround its guests with authentic Caribbean cuisine, architecture and culture, while providing education and employment opportunities to stimulate the local economy.

Aluminum "The Future of Tough" Says Ford Automotive. Cruise Car, Inc. One Step Ahead

LogoFord Motor Co. made a landmark decision to convert the primary material of their top selling vehicle, the F-150, from steel to aluminum on all their 2015 models. While everyone, including CEO Mark Fields, agrees that this move is a risk for the best-selling truck in the United States, aluminum is undoubtedly the smarter long-term choice. Companies like Audi and Cruise Car, Inc. have been utilizing the lighter and stronger aluminum material on their vehicles for years.

Rethinking the "Primary" Household Car

LogoThe US Department of Energy determined the average American household vehicle travels just under 30 miles per day. Cruise Car, Inc. manufactures solar-electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) which can travel up to 40 miles per day on a single charge, saving Americans thousands annually in fuel costs.