CrystalVoice Studio

CrystalVoice Studio Joins the List of Practitioners to Bring Holistic European Breathing Method Stateside

LogoOn point for everyone from singers to athletes, an innovative mind-body approach to breath training makes its way to the US from Switzerland. Crystal Barron, founder of CrystalVoice Studio, is one of only 9 US practitioners in the US, and received her MDH Breathing Coordination Advanced Certification on March 4, 2019 after 4 1/2 rigorous years of study. Widely-known in Europe as a revolutionary way to train the voice, the game-changing breathing method doesn't stop there. It uses functional anatomy to bring myriad benefits to daily life. This training method not only increases one's ability to sing with clarity and vocal power, but it also reduces performance anxiety. So, why wouldn't it follow that the landmark breathing training also undergirds what too often seems to be unattainable - better focus and a calmer state of mind.