Daimer Industries

Daimer Carpet Cleaning Equipment Ship With a Biodegradable Stain Removing Chemical

LogoDaimer Industries, Inc., one of the leading web suppliers of business-grade carpet cleaning equipment, intends to bundle 2 containers of a biodegradable stain removing chemical with its XTreme Power® XPH-5800T extractors. The stain remover has been concentrated to produce 64 gallons of final product. The dissolver has proven its effectiveness with over 90 percent of common rug stains that appear on lists from the domestic Carpet and Rug Institute.

Daimer Hard Floor Cleaner is a Sludge Extractor, Power Washer, or Tile Cleaner

LogoDaimer Industries, the worldwide leader for Internet-available steam cleaning equipment, has just shipped a new XTreme Power HSC 13250 machine, a multi-capability hard floor cleaner that can handle a wide range of power cleaning jobs. The system combines the features of a steam pressure washer, sludge extractor, and tile grout cleaning system into a one value-priced unit.

Unheated Carpet Cleaning Machines by Daimer Sell With Free Stain Cleaner Chemical

LogoDaimer Industries, Inc., one of internet's top sources of institutional-class carpet cleaning machines, will be selling its popular XTreme Power® XPC-9200 unheated extractors with two jugs of an earth-safe stain remover at no additional charge to customers. When diluted, the super concentrated stain cleaner provides over 60 gallons of cleaning chemical. The cleaner has a track record for being effective on over 90 percent of stains identified by a national Carpet and Rug Institute.

Heated Carpet Cleaners from Daimer Feature Free Stain Solvent Chemicals

LogoDaimer Industries, Inc., one of web's top vendors of business-class carpet cleaners, will be bundling 2 free jugs of an eco-safe stain solvent with each one of its upgraded XTreme Power® XPH-5900I extractors. The concentrated stain solvent yields more than 60 gallons of finished chemical. The solvent is proven to be effective on just above 90 percent of the common rug stains appearing on lists by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

A Steam Cleaner for the Holidays? Daimer Offers Special Pricing on Two Consumer Machines

LogoDaimer Industries, Inc., globally recognized as a provider of professional grade steam cleaner equipment, has cut prices on two of its most popular machines for the holidays. The machines, the KleenJet Pro Plus 200S and Pro Plus 300CS, offer commercial grade steam power at consumer prices.

New Auto Detailing Spec Sheet Offered Free on the Web by Daimer

LogoDaimer Industries, Inc., among the highest search-engine placing Internet resources for industrial cleaning machines, has released its latest downloadable, free, product explainer brochure for the XTreme Power auto detailing carpet cleaner. The product explainer is an online pamphlet available by Daimer on the Daimer.com internet site.

Daimer Ships Electric Pressure Washer Machines With Long Hose Lines

LogoDaimer Industries, Inc., a globally established supplier of technically-advanced electric pressure washer machines, provided details for three new lines sporting a unique capability for supporting extra-long hose lines and long-distance cleaning. The proprietary capability, known as Long Hose Technology, allows for high pressure cleaning far from the power-producing base and pump. The technology is designed to provide virtually consistent pressure levels across a long hose line. The new lines are expected to be named: Vapor-Flo 7500, Vapor-Flo 7600, and Vapor-Flo 7700.

Daimer Vapor Steam Cleaners Demystified in New Free Download

LogoDaimer Industries, Inc., the highest search-ranked online source for vapor steam cleaners, has offered a free download in the form of a brochure describing the features and technologies employed in the company’s popular KleenJet Mega 500V. The PDF brochure is viewable on common digital platforms and can be obtained free from the Daimer.com internationally-accessible Web site.

New Daimer Electric Pressure Washers Support 117 Bar, Longer Hose Lines

LogoDaimer Industries, Inc., a globally recognized supplier of technology-forward electric pressure washers, released details on eight new units with a Daimer®-only capability that supports longer hose lines and long distance cleaning. The capability, dubbed Long Hose Technology, provides for pressure cleaning about 90 meters from the pressure producing base unit by providing consistent pressure along the entire length of the hose line. The product lines affected include the 7300 and 7400.

Daimer Unveils Carpet Cleaning Equipment Designed for Upholstery

LogoDaimer Industries, Inc., a large-scale upholstery carpet cleaning equipment supplier, announced availability of an updated line of non-heated 50 Hz XPH-9250U machines that come with reinforced 9.1-meter hoses that add approximately 20 percent more length than the current hoses being offered with the units.