Danau Girang Field Centre

Saving the wild Banteng in Sabah

The Sime Darby Foundation announced new support for the conservation of the banteng, a species of wild cattle, in the Malaysian state of Sabah. The new funding of USD$350,000.00 will go towards a project that is being carried out by several stakeholders including Cardiff University of the United Kingdom, the Sabah Forestry Department and Sabah Foundation.

Sime Darby Foundation to Assist Conservation of Clouded Leopards in Sabah

The Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) and Danau Girang Field Centre (DGFC) recently received a RM1.46 million funding from the Sime Darby Foundation for their project on the conservation of Sunda clouded leopards and sympatric carnivores in a fragmented landscape in Sabah. The project is also a collaboration with several partners including the WildCRU (Oxford University, UK), the University of British Columbia (Canada), Cardiff University and Universiti Malaysia Sabah.