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Raleigh Dog Trainers Celebrate Dog Day

LogoDarwin K9 is happy to show our furry friends appreciation for a holiday of their own. Normally, a dog day is considered to be a hot and sultry part of summer, which is usually accompanied by periods of inactivity and laziness. Since we are often on the internet for most of the day, we can find it too easy to spend our days in a lethargic state.

Raleigh Dog Training Company Celebrates 4-Year Anniversary

LogoDarwin K9 is a dog training and dog obedience company with offices throughout the Triangle and eastern part of North Carolina. Their dedication to evolving dogs into polite canine companions has made them a premier dog training company.

Abandoned Dog Gets New Lease on Life

LogoCan you image being tied to a tree for a year? And only being fed once or twice per week? This was sadly the living condition of a young dog named Lacey. That is until Patty came to her rescue.