David R. Crouch, DDS

Dr. David Crouch Helps Patients Find Permanent Alternative to Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

LogoDr. David Crouch, DDS, of Orange County is focused on offering patients the best dental implants available. Dr. Crouch's state-of-the-art tooth replacement method gives patients the chance to restore their smile, protect their dental health, and prevent further tooth or bone loss near the original injury site.

Orange County Dentist Dr. David Crouch Helps Dental Patients Combat Gum Disease with Invention of Flossie

LogoPeriodontal disease is the #1 preventable disease that occurs with American adults. This disease, which is linked to several other chronic diseases and causes the loss of permanent teeth, is completely preventable with regular flossing habits, however, most adults still fail to floss as recommended for optimal oral health. To help patients floss properly and more often, Dr. David Crouch of Orange, CA invented an innovative, patented new device called Flossie that helps patients floss easily and thoroughly in less than 30 seconds.