David Weinstein

Business Consultant Offers Insight on How Non-Medical Emergency Services Can Save on Rising Fuel Prices in Changing Economics Times

With fuel prices on the rise and changing from hour to hour in some cities, consultant David Weinstein has offered some insight for how to save money was these fuel costs continue to climb.

How David Weinstein of Cherry Hill, N.J., Has an Impact

David Weinstein lives in Cherry Hill, N.J, but his work has created ripples that can be felt throughout the United States. As he was working in medical billing, David Weinstein began to wonder if grouping people together in healthcare cooperatives could cut down on costs. He worked up a proposal, put it into effect and started to see great results. Suddenly David Weinstein was thrust onto the national stage, and politicians started to ask him for advice on making the program big enough to fit the needs of the entire country.