Banks and Building Societies Write-off £20.1 Million Every day

Banks and building socities are writing off millions of debt every day. What should you do if you are struggling with unsecured debt repayments?

40 Per Cent of over 60 Year Olds Concerned About Energy Bills

Concern amongst the elderly about the cost of rising energy bills this winter. Many of these people are already living in poverty and may have debt problems, what can they do to get help?

Credit Card Debts Are Still a Problem for Millions of Brits

41 per cent of UK credit card holders still have an outstanding balance on their credit card after a year, this equates to 6 million UK credit card holders.

Overdraft Charges Change at RBS and NatWest

Unauthorised overdraft charges of up to 20 per cent will be stopped for NatWest and RBS customers in February 2011.

Debt to Spiral As Savage Spending Review Hits Home

Government cuts will affect the poorest in society; warning from Debt Advisory Line

'In it together' - Child Benefit to be Scrapped

David Cameron faces further criticism today over plans to scrap child benefit for higher tax payers.

1.3 Million Complain About Poor Service from Banks

Over the last 6 months a staggering 1.3 million complaints have been lodged against banks. This equates to an alarming 7,143 complaints every day.

Debt Advisory Line at the Forefront of Compliance

Following recent reports that some fee-charging debt management firms are pretending to be charities and aim to make money from vulnerable people, Debt Advisory Line maintains its position at the forefront of the debt management sector...

Trend in Paying off Debt Continues

People are continuing to pay back debts before making any savings according to research from Markit UK's Household Finance Index. The research also found that lower levels of debt have been noted for the 8th consecutive month.

9.2 Per Cent Increase in Credit Card Spending

High street spending figures show signs of receovery but is more credit card spending a receipe for disaster?