Deer Busters

Deer Busters Introduces New Types of Deer Repellent

LogoDeer Busters brings gardeners the ability to keep their gardens an oasis with new deer repellents. A few that are offered are deer scram, liquid deer repellent, and an Ultrasonic Motion- Activated deer and animal repellant. This online store makes it easy for customers to find any type of deer and wildlife repellent that fits their garden- protection needs.

Deer Fencing from Deer Busters Reduces Spread of Lyme Disease

LogoSpecialized fencing supplier, Deer Busters, stressed the importance of deer fencing and how it can reduce the spread of Lyme Disease. This means your farm animals and your family will be less at risk.

Deer Busters Offers a Low Price Match Guarantee

LogoQuality deer fencing supplier, Deer Busters, is now offering their customers an additional low price match guarantee, on top of their already low prices. This means customers can shop around and still end up at Deer Busters for the best price and the best quality products.

Deer Busters Helps Keep Deer out with the New Steel Hex Deer Fence

LogoWith spring approaching, now’s the best time to invest in a Steel Hex Deer Fence from Deer Busters, so your garden has a chance to start strong this year. This fence will keep deer and other wildlife from nibbling on your crop. Offers Poly Deer Fence’s poly deer fences are an affordable and nearly invisible solution to many gardeners’ biggest wildlife problem – deer. Deer naturally seek out areas with lots of grass, bushes and a few trees – thus, they are attracted to backyards and areas surrounding houses. Installing a poly deer fence around the home vegetable garden is a gardener’s tool to keep hungry deer from eating the harvest.