Delvage Helps Homeowners Declutter and Downsize with Their Online Consignment Store

Delvage, an online consignment store serving New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and other areas throughout the United States, is helping homeowners declutter and downsize with their unique online store. Instead of hosting a yard sale where most items end up right where they started, Delvage is a great alternative for sellers to find permanent homes for unique and one of a kind treasures.

Delvage Proud to Donate a Portion of Their Sales to Local Charitable Organizations

Delvage, a full-service online yard sale and consignment store, is proud to donate a portion of their sales to local charitable organizations, among them are the Aark, Last Chance Ranch, and Sam's Hope. To join Delvage in their mission to raise funds and awareness for these great animal rescue organizations, those who take advantage of a sale on their online garage store can simply enter one of three promo codes at checkout for Delvage to donate 20% of their sales proceeds to their organization of choice. Lastly, if a supporter of one of the organizations wants to sell through Delvage, the company will donate 20% of their portion of sales to the organization he or she supports.

Delvage Announces a Variety of Vintage Glassware and Other Items Are Available for Purchase

Delvage, an online consignment store that buyers from Pennsylvania and other areas across the United States can purchase from, is pleased to announce they have a variety of vintage glassware and other items currently available. In fact, on, customers can purchase beautiful, one-of-a-kind vintage items and other collectibles that are always on sale at the lowest prices possible.

With Delvage, Yard Sales Will Never Be the Same Again

Thanks to Delvage, the online yard sale and consignment store, yard sale season will never be the same! Whether someone is downsizing or decluttering, Delvage is the solution. Rather than holding a yard sale, or simply donating or discarding things to dispose of them, the team at Delvage comes to the clients' homes, packs up the items they'd like to sell and takes them away – they'll never have to see them again! The only "work" clients need to do is to determine the pricing for their items, and Delvage will take care of everything else. They photograph, market, and ship, and clients receive a percentage of the items' sales. It's so easy! Through the Delvage website, items are marketed worldwide to millions of potential customers. Clients' items find new homes and stay out of landfills.