Dennis Jernigan

Former Homosexual Speaks Out Against H.R. 1592 Hate Crimes Bill

In response to the recently proposed Hate Crimes Bill (H.R. 1592) currently before Congress, singer/songwriter/author and former homosexual, Dennis Jernigan, fears his right to openly talk about how he was able to overcome homosexuality would be compromised since H.R. 1592 seeks to prosecute criminals based on their thoughts. "I was able to come to a level of freedom the homosexual community never told me was possible," says Jernigan. "Yet, through faith in God, I successfully walked out of that way of thinking and have met thousands of other men and women who have done the same. What about our civil liberties? To pass such a bill as H.R. 1592 is to invoke fear that I could be prosecuted for my religious beliefs and speech."