Dental Ark

Child Orthodontists Team Helping Kids Eliminate Dental Fears in Horizon City and El Paso TX

Whether they are adults or kids, 90 percent of Americans have dental issues. While adults used to be suffering from tooth decay that has not been treated for long, children were frightened of visiting dentists. With newer technology coming in, dental treatment has improved. In most of the cases, the fear is imaginary. At Dental Ark, the doctors and trained staff take care of the dental health of both adults and children.

Children's Dentist in Horizon City and El Paso TX for Child's Good Oral Health

Reports state that a good number of the US population suffer from dental problems and more than a quarter visit doctors with cavities that have not been treated. Americans are usually known around the world for being blessed with strong, white teeth, but the dental reality is something different, the new study finds. Around 91 percent of U.S adults were reported to have tooth decay in 2011-2012. The figure improved a little with the emergence of a number of dental care units all over the country. Dental Ark is one such dental care unit that has been serving Anthony, El Paso, Fort Bliss, Horizon City, Socorro & Sunland Park, TX.