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Announcing Launch of New and Exclusive App Focusing on Latest DevOps Tools and Cloud Technologies

Subhadeep Dutta Gupta, a DevOps expert is pleased to announce the launch of new and exclusive app that focuses on latest DevOps tools and cloud technologies. Also available as a technical blogging website, the site aims at offering latest information from the industry for beginners as well as those who wish to upgrade their knowledge in this subject. Starting from explaining DevOps in detail to offering exclusive information on Blockchain Technology, the platform offers the latest development and deployment strategies in Cloud Environment.

Crossfit Collective, a Fitness App with a Difference That Helps Users Maintain Their Health Schedule and Manage Their Diet

Crossfit Collective is the latest fitness app on the block. This is an app for everyone irrespective of age or gender. The app helps users maintain their own health schedule and manage their diets as well. Today's hectic and stressful lifestyle is one of the major reasons that cause ailments such as heart related diseases, obesity, cholesterol, hypertension, high blood pressure, etc. Every individual needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to stay fit. And it all starts with regular exercising and good diet. The ongoing pandemic is preventing people from going to the gyms, daily walks and jogs. This could pose a serious threat to the overall physical wellness. It is never late to start working out from the comfort of one's own home. And the secret to the success of any home workout routine is to stick to a schedule – be it in the early hours or evenings.