Easy-to-Use and Innovative High Speed Power Analyzer Brought to You by DEWETRON

DEWETRON, a leading Austrian manufacturer of highly intuitive, end-to-end test & measurement systems, provides precision power analyzer customized to clients' specifications. As part of the TKH group and employing more than 150 people across 25 countries, the company has been offering innovative power solutions, worldwide. The company is duly certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

DEWETRON Announces New Exhibition Shows for Spring 2019

May 7 – May 9 representatives from DEWETRON Germany will be in Stuttgart at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo. Join German COO @MichaelWellmann and see our new high speed power analyzer with PXI Express Bus Technology, DEWE3-PA8. Look for a larger than life, interactive model of the PA8 on the wall of our booth.

DEWETRON Introduces New Product Line For 2019

Dewetron unveils their new product line for 2019 that features the new power analyzer which is housed in a chassis.

Dewetron Exhibiting at Apex Turbine User Conference in Nashville

Dewetron, the manufacturer of precision test and measurement systems, is announcing that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Apex Turbine User Conference in Nashville at the end of February. The company will be demonstrating all-in-one data acquisition products, including the strain gauge signal conditioning amplifier with embedded A-D conversion and introducing the high speed PXI Express Bus, portable measuring systems, precision power analyzer and more. Technical product specifications will be available along with information on options that will be introduced in 2019.