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Xtremepicks Reports on EKO International (EKNL): Expect a Flurry of Contracts from This Weekend's Conference

LogoEKNL showed it’s brute force once again today bouncing solid from higher support levels and closing at $0.68 up 4.61% on the day. EKNL is locked and loaded for the next level breakout to take investors to record levels once again.

Xtremepicks Reports on EKO International (EKNL): Share Buy Back, Uplisting, & Walmart, Find out Why EKNL Is the 2012 Trophy Winner

LogoDROP has it’s Tiger Woods, but EKNL just announced partnership with Walmart. Now add a share buyback program, and uplisting to major exchange like NASDAQ, investors are on to something serious

Xtremepicks Reports on EKO International (EKNL): Smashing Through to 'Record' Levels Up 26.5% and More to Come.

LogoEKNL definitely showed it’s mega strength and as xtremepicks alerted their members at the beginning of the week that investors are in for a MONSTER breakout week and that’s exactly what they got!