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Outdoor Power Equipment Winter Preparedness

LogoIt is common practice to store a snow thrower at the end of the winter season and completely forget about it until the following year. When storing any power equipment for any length of time, it is very important to run the equipment out of gas or use a quality fuel stabilizer like Ethanol Shield. Using a high octane gasoline or ethanol free fuel is highly recommended.

Important Home or Office Generator Maintenance Tips

LogoHurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, floods, winter ice and many of Mother Nature's disastrous gifts can cause power outages. The question is who is prepared? How long will food stay fresh or frozen? Will the sump pump work to keep the basement from flooding? Are there in-home medical devices that do not have their own backup power? Does a home-based business need functional computers after a disaster? Most people no longer own a landline and depend solely on a cell phone. That being said, if the power goes out, how will the devices work? How will friends and family be contacted in an emergency situation?

Achieve a Manicured Lawn and Outdoor Space with Commercial Outdoor Power Equipment Attachments

LogoCommercial attachments can help deliver that manicured lawn and outdoor space. Now is the perfect time for aerators, dethatchers and sulkies.

Get Ready for Spring! Great Tips for Post-Winter Lawn Care

LogoAs frosted lawns begin to thaw, homeowners become excited to sharpen mower blades and complete all of the other important maintenance lawn care equipment needs. Before beginning the spring equipment maintenance to-do list, here are some great tips for post winter lawn care.

Power Equipment Warehouse Snow Blower Safety Tips

LogoMany areas of the country are seeing heavy snowfall and that means heavy snow blower use. Power Equipment Warehouse experts have important advice for snow blower safety this winter.

Home Generator Information 101 & Generator Safety Tips

LogoWinter ice, hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, flooding and many of Mother Nature's disastrous gifts can cause power outages. How long will food stay fresh or frozen? Will the sump pump work to keep the basement from flooding? Will medical devices work without backup power? Will the computer be functional after a disaster? How will the cell phone charge?

Chainsaw Safety Tips and Safety Gear

LogoChainsaws can help to clean up fallen trees from a storm or to prepare cut wood for a bon fire. Whenever using a chainsaw, proper safety gear should be worn at all times. Proper safety steps should be adhered to at all times as well. Check the chain tensions and bar nuts for tightness before attempting to start any chainsaw. Chainsaws should be pointed away from people and objects when starting. Never 'drop-start' a chainsaw and consider starting the chainsaw on the ground or another form of support. Never leave any type of equipment or machinery running and unattended.

How to Care for Lawns During Dry or Drought Seasons

LogoWhen temperatures are at an all-time high, and there is little or no rain forecasted, the question of how to care for a lawn may be on the minds of many homeowners. A lawn deprived of moisture and nutrients can sustain damage and most of the time that damage can be reversed; but not always. With some effort and care, a dry brown lawn can turn lush and green when the weather begins to cooperate. Aeration and dethatching, for example, can be very beneficial for a thirsty lawn.

Helpful Tips for Healthy, Green Grass

LogoGot good dirt? How does one know? Let's face it, people flourish in a good environment, and grass, flowers and vegetables do too. Most soil issues start with pH problems – the acidity or alkalinity of the dirt. Every state has a Cooperative Extension Agent; the Cooperative Extension Agent can be contacted to check the soil in a particular area. The percentages of sand, silt and clay are evaluated. Once determined, it may take time to get the soil issues ironed out. Remember, lime is not an instant fix! Let the experts at your local Extension office help.

The Importance of Spring Lawn Aeration

LogoIn early spring, many lawns have been matted down due to leftover fall leaves and the winter snow pack. Many homeowners may be considering lawn aeration, but it is important to know aeration has to be timed just right.