Donmar Heating and Cooling Co., Inc.

Donmar Company Receives President's Award from Carrier for Outstanding Customer Relations

Donmar Heating and Cooling is an Alexandria HVAC company who for twenty five years have pushed for business excellence. Becoming a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer was a major achievement for the company, yet bigger things were on the horizon. Carrier, in a deep analysis of all their factory authorized dealers came to the conclusion that Donmar Heating and Cooling were outstanding in all fields, sufficient to win The President's Award: one of the highest honors the company can bestow to their dealers.

Donmar Heating and Cooling Announces February Is Free Furnace Month Thanks to Carrier

February is almost here and that means the worst of winter is over. With spring approaching homeowners are no longer thinking about keeping their houses warm but are already looking ahead to think about keeping it cool during the hot summer months. For those with foresight there are great deals to be had on air conditioners early in the year. Donmar Heating and Cooling is sweetening the deal by offering not only the best prices on HVAC in Sterling, but a free Furnace, thereby fulfilling all heating and cooling needs.

Donmar Heating and Cooling Helps Dominion Power Customers Receive a Free Heat Pump Tune Up This Winter

Winter takes its toll on heating systems, which are often overworked to keep homes toasty and warm while pipes are subjected to high and low temperatures throughout the course of a day, reducing their lifespan and making breakages more likely. For those with heating and cooling systems, the heat pump itself is the most important factor in the efficient heating of the home. Donmar Heating and Cooling is helping anyone with a Dominion Power system a free heat pump tune up to make sure they are best prepared for the coldest months of the year. Dominion Power is offering a rebate on the heat pump tune up, however Donmar Heating and Cooling offers the rebate instantly so customers do not have to apply for the rebate with Dominion Power.

Donmar Company Offers Impressive 0% Interest Financing Deals on Select Carrier HVAC Units

This winter’s temps are expected to be well below normal in the Mid-Atlantic region putting a lot of stress on older HVAC systems. The last thing you want to deal with is frozen pipes if your old and inefficient HVAC system fails unexpectedly. Take advantage of this excellent offer to upgrade your heating system and reap the benefits of lower utility bills and peace of mind. Fairfax, VA air conditioning company Donmar Company can help people do just that without sacrificing on the Holiday gift budget, with an astonishing new deal offering 0% financing on 60 month payment plans for select Carrier units.

Donmar Company Launches Unique Deals and Free Offers for Dominion Power Customers

Winter is coming, and heating systems are going to come under pressure as the temperature in homes start to fall. This puts heating systems under pressure, and it also means that the energy bills for homeowners start to spike. To help people overcome these problems, Donmar Company, a leading provider of Heating and HVAC in Alexandria, has announced a partnership with Dominion Power to offer their customers a free heat pump tune up, or money back on purchasing a new, energy efficient pump.

Donmar Heating & Cooling to Offer over a Thousand Dollars Back to Pepco Customers

Energy efficiency is not only good for the environment, but good for the wallet too. Energy efficiency in environmental products such as heating and cooling are especially important, as these products traditionally have sucked up huge amounts of energy, and rising energy costs has caused people to become more energy conscious and more aware of the environmental impact of wasted energy. Rather than forego air con or heating however, Donmar Heating & Cooling is offering a means by which Pepco customers can get even better service while saving over a thousand dollars just on their purchase.