Doron Precision Systems, Inc.

Doron’s 550LE Driving Simulator To Train Newark City Police Officers

Doron Precision Systems, Inc. announced today the delivery, installation of its 550LE driving simulation system to the City of Newark’s Police Department, New Jersey. The department considers the system to be an "extremely beneficial" and "potentially life-saving training tool" with a "realistic training field".

Medical College Of Georgia Selects Doron's L-350R/A For Driver Rehabilitation

The Medical College of Georgia in Augusta finds Doron's Simulator to be highly effective for Driver Rehabilitation and Assessment ptreatment. It is also a part of their the training curriculum with it's Department of Occupational Therapy (School of Allied Health Sciences)

Doron’s driver training simulators to be used in New Jersey’s Clay County School District

Cape May Schools for special services received a completed installation of a 6-unit driver training simulation system. The system will help in traffic safety training and driving skills development. The high trainee to instructor ratio makes the training program efficient and cost-effective.

Doron Develops A New Commercial Driver Training Program For The Trucking Industry

Doron announces the release of a interactive, training rich DVD program for the trucking industry. This 23-minute DVD based program delivers complete training value and has been developed in close collaboration with truck driver training experts

Nashville MTA chooses Doron’s 460Bus™ Interactive Driving Simulator for operator training

Nashville MTA chooses Doron’s 460Bus™ Interactive Driving Simulator for operator training

Canada’s First Interactive Driving Simulator for GO Transit Marks Doron’s Pioneering Spirit

The first interactive driving simulator in Canada was recently delivered to GO Transit, officially known as the Greater Toronto Transit Authority (GTTA). Doron's 460Bus is a fine example of simulation technology being applied for operator training and traffic safety enhancement, remarked Mr. Graham Armitage, Supervisor, Driver Safety and Training.