Thailand and Amatta Today, Tomorrow the World - D Plast (Decorative Plastic Company LTD) Breaking Into the Industry of Plastic Sheets

LogoPlastic sheets not only protect and maintain the aesthetics of the items some even give the item’s beauty a boost. Plastic sheets also come in decorative designs and patterns. These are called PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) decorative films, At D Plast there are a lot of decorative PVC films to choose from, one can absolutely a design or a pattern that will complement his taste and preference and the surface that he wants this to be applied on.

DPLAST's ErasisX Gives a New Image to Synthetic Leathers

LogoDPLAST’s ErasisX, a new innovation in the field of synthetic leaders, is sure to rock the world of fashion, sports, and other industries dependent on leather materials.

DPLAST Unveils the Modern Trends in Wood Grain Overlays Films

LogoIn the world of interior design, every wall is like a blank canvas. And dressing up a blank canvas is an enjoyable task yet a very challenging one. All those fabulous Wood grain overlays films, decals, and other wall and table treatments spice up the adventure in decorating. But overdressing that blank canvas can be harmful at times, as it kills people’s interest in looking at it.