Dr. Burnout

Rise from the Ashes: Dr. Clark Gaither Tackles Professional Burnout

LogoThe professional world has always been a somewhat cruel environment in many areas, especially as of late. It is not uncommon for working professionals to end up developing some sort of stress due to an array of different reasons related to their job and/or career. And that will likely lead these professionals to emotional exhaustion, rendering them completely burned out. Dr. Clark Gaither, who's a physician, an author, a life coach, a speaker and a specialist in the matter, has studied the consequences of such an issue extensively, but also lived through it. He identified the key differences between stress and job-related burnout, and developed methods and programs to help other professionals to overcome it, in order for them to find satisfaction not only in their jobs, but in their personal lives as well.

Change the Burned out Mindset and Achieve a Life of Passion Driven Purpose

LogoReignite: Transform from Burned Out to On Fire and Find New Meaning in Your Career and Life explains the six underlying causes of workplace burnout and nine steps to take right now. Being burned out means merely surviving instead of thriving, which is no way to live this one life.