Dr. Dale Sandvall

Dr. Dale Sandvall Uses Applied Kinesiology to Better Serve the Arlington Community

LogoApplied Kinesiology is a way of testing muscle strength to diagnose and heal a problem with an associated area of the body by correcting a muscle weakness. Alone, kinesiology refers to the interconnection of the physiological processes and the study of the human body with respect to movement. Sometimes there may have been a prior injury linked to the area that makes the patient more susceptible to new injuries.

Arlington, Texas Sports Medicine Practice Using Cold-Laser Therapy

LogoDr. Dale Sandvall is announcing the addition of state-of-the-art cold laser technology, equipment and techniques to the available services at his Arlington, Texas sport medicine and chiropractic practice. Patients who’ve suffered an injury or are laboring under a painful or restrictive physical condition may experience a decrease in overall wellness and quality of life. Dr. Sandvall’s goal is to return his patients to a healthy, normal life swiftly and successfully with little pain and inconvenience. The addition of cutting-edge laser therapy tools helps achieve this goal with improved results and a more pleasant patient experience.