Dr. KaNisha Hall

Dr. KaNisha Hall Celebrates Womanhood and Its Potential with the Upcoming Release of Her Second Book, "Sex After…"

LogoSince when does a woman's age corral the nubile? So says physician and author, Dr. KaNisha Hall in her upcoming book aptly titled, "Sex After…A Woman's Guide To Empowerment And Enhanced Sexual Experiences In The Evolution Of Life". Born in the trenches of her practice, it became evident to her that women who enjoyed loving relationships had better health outcomes, prognosis, and pain control. The data could not lie. Thus, the findings took shape in a new book equipped with the author's genteel yet direct message; self-care in all forms, done with an intentional mindset that brings value to the fore, pays monumental dividends. Come February 2020, Dr. Hall's assertions will pull focus to the intersecting dynamics of biology and sexuality in a book slated to be the rallying force behind comprehensive healthy living.