Dr. Paul C. Drago, MD

Dr. Paul Drago Makes Facial Reconstructive Cosmetic Treatments Available to Clients in Greenville

LogoDr. Paul Drago is a renowned surgeon based in Greenville and has been practicing corrective and cosmetic surgery for over 25 years. In a recent announcement, Dr. Drago has decided to expand on his list of cosmetic surgery solutions and is now offering clients the option of availing reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Paul Drago Offers Corrective Cosmetic Surgery for Patients with Post-Weight Loss Facial Fat Management Issues

LogoDr. Paul Drago has helped many patients in South Carolina achieve their desired post-weight loss body and face. Offering corrective surgery for patients seeking ENT treatments, Dr. Paul Drago utilizes his skills to ensure clients that they receive the surgery they need to bring their faces back to their former glory. In addition to facelift surgeries, Doctor Drago administers other corrective treatments such as cheekbone reductions, v-line reductions, double chin reductions, facial liposuction and more—all to remove excess skin.

Dr. Paul Drago Puts His Experience and Specialty Training to Good Use for Patients with ENT Disorders and Deformities

LogoA specialist in the field with more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Paul Drago is one of the most reliable experts for all ENT-related medical and surgical treatments in South Carolina. Known to be a creditable cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Drago receives patients from all over the state who may need an expert surgeon for otolaryngology problems.

Dr. Paul Drago Is an Expert ENT Specialist and Cosmetic Surgeon, with 25 Years of Experience

LogoCurrently working in South Carolina's Department of Corrections as a Medical Director, Dr. Paul Drago also serves citizens of the state who are seeking treatment for injuries and issues related to the ears, nose, and throat. He's conducted extensive research over a long period of time to provide patients with the most effective treatment possible; Dr. Drago takes all factors into account before coming up with a diagnosis.