Dr. Rachna Mehra Advices Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss and Premature Graying

No matter from which part of the world you belong, your hair can suffer premature graying. Now the age when it can be said to have gone gray prematurely, may differ. So, if you are a white person in your mid 20s and your hair turn gray that will definitely be a premature greying.

Dr. Rachna Mehra Explians How Ayurvedic Treatments Are Beneficial

Ayurveda’s prime focus is on prevention of disease rather than searching for its cure because preventing a disease instead of its manifestation and searching for its solutions afterwards is certainly more beneficial. Ayurveda also possesses potent remedies for many manifested diseases and can permanently eradicate them. Ayurvedic treatment is for the eradication of the disease which has occurred at the affected parts and also for improvising a person’s individual health. Thus it assists in creating an environment for natural body cleansing which eradicates toxic impurities, allowing the person who has availed, acquire strong immunity against diseases and achieve wonderful health.

Dr. Rachna Mehra - Ayurveda Solves Hair Loss Issue Easily

Hair is just a dead tissue. But still, hair reflects the beauty & personality of a person. Everyone desires their hair to have a good growth and have a natural attractive color. Increasing pollution, changing lifestyle & eating habits, increasing mental stress and many other factors have led to making hair loss a common problem these days. Health and genetic disorders also create problem of hair loss.