Dr. Shantzer

Dr. Shantzer Now Accepting Appointments for Dental Implants for February

Dr. Shantzer, a leading dentist of Bucks County, PA, is pleased to announce that he is now accepting appointments for dental implants this February. Recent statistics show that dental implants are one of the best methods used to replace missing teeth. Thirty years ago, patients would have no alternative to having their missing teeth replaced. Today, the dental implant procedure allows patients to have a removable denture, or a fixed bridge, to replace their missing teeth so they can speak more clearly and eat better and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Shantzer Announces CEREC Single-Visit Tooth Restoration Technology

Dr. Shantzer, a leading cosmetic dentist of Bucks County, PA, is pleased to announce that his office continues to offer the CEREC single-visit tooth restoration technology in his Richboro office. With the new restoration process, which uses high-grade ceramic material, allows patients to have their teeth restored to look natural again. Dr. Shantzer is now accepting appointments for the new CEREC procedure.

Dr. Shantzer Now Accepting Appointments for Dental Implants This November

Dr. Shantzer, a leading cosmetic dentist of Bucks County, PA, is pleased to announce he is now accepting appointments for dental implants this November. Because people are living longer than ever, it takes a commitment to maintain a naturally beautiful smile for a lifetime. Sometimes even with the best dental care tooth loss can occur. Dental implants are used to replace teeth that have been lost due to an injury or disease and can have a positive impact on the lives of many around the United States. With the use of dental implants, it is easier than ever to maintain a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Dr. Shantzer Announces Patient Appreciation Giveaway Contest

Dr. Shantzer, a leading cosmetic dentist of Richboro, is pleased to announce his patient appreciation giveaway contest. Dr. Shantzer would like to give back to his loyal patients by offering the winner of the contest a complimentary iPad mini. He is giving patients a chance to win one of the most sought-after items on the market today. People who are interested in winning an iPad mini need to first become a patient Dr. Shantzer by December 2, 2013. Once a person becomes a patient, their name will be entered into the drawing, earning them a “point.”

Dr. Shantzer Announces Computer-Guided Implant Placement Services This September

Dr. Shantzer is pleased to announce that his Richboro office will be presenting patients with computer-guided implant placement services this September. New and returning patients can make an appointment by calling 215-259-5880. By presenting his patients with the latest procedure for dental implants in Richboro, Dr. Shantzer is able to lead the surrounding dental community into the future, while leaving every patient who comes in for the service with a healthy happy smile. The computer-guided implant placement procedure is just one of the latest advancements in technology Dr. Shantzer and his staff uses in his office.

Dr. Shantzer Introduces Waterlase MD Laser Treatment to His Richboro, PA Office

Dr. Shantzer is pleased to introduce the Waterlase MD laser treatment to his Richboro, PA practice. Waterlase MD provides a minimally invasive, precise, and comfortable alternative to traditional treatments of general and cosmetic dentistry. The treatment works without the use of heat, vibration, or drilling, reducing the anxiety patients may have when receiving dental care. The introduction of Waterlase MD to Dr. Shantzer’s office in Richboro is just one of the many innovative alternatives the dentist uses for patients receiving cosmetic dentistry. Individuals looking for a dentist in Newtown or Warminster can contact Dr. Shantzer’s practice for Waterlase MD treatment.

Cosmetic Dentist of Richboro, Dr. Shantzer, Receives Perfect Rating on Demandforce.com

Cosmetic Dentist of Richboro, PA, Dr. Eric Shantzer, is pleased to announce that his practice has received a 100% perfect rating on Demandforce.com. Recent patients of Dr. Shantzer shared their success stories on the online review site, describing the outstanding service they received while at his office. An unprecedented 100% of the patients stated that they would prefer Dr. Shantzer to friends and family for cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Shantzer Now Offers VELscope Vx for More Advanced Oral Health Screenings

Dr. Shantzer, a leading cosmetic dentist in Bucks County, PA, always keeps up-to-date on the latest technological advances in the cosmetic dentistry industry. One of the newest technological devices that have been introduced to his patients is the VELscope Vx, which performs oral health screenings. By using a natural fluorescent light, this new device helps dental professionals find oral mucosal abnormalities, including oral cancer.

Dr. Shantzer Now Offers FastBraces at His Dental Office in Richboro, PA

Dr. Shantzer, a cosmetic dentist in Richboro, now offers FastBraces Technology at his dental office and is one of the only offices in the area to provide this service. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, The FastBraces Technology has the safety of patients in mind. This technology, designed to straighten teeth more efficiently, allows for a safe, fast and affordable solution. There are no more risks associated with FastBraces Technology, than there are with traditional metal braces. Because patients wear the braces for less time than regular braces, there is less chance of tooth decay. Patients looking for a comfortable solution can turn to Dr. Shantzer for the new FastBraces Technology service in Richboro.

Dr. Shantzer Now Offers Dental Implant Services for His Patients in Bucks County

As an established dentist in Bucks County, PA, Dr. Shantzer now offers dental implants for patients who wish to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are the only way to replace missing teeth and cause the forces of chewing to be distributed into bone in the same way teeth were designed. Because of this they actually help the remaining teeth by taking the forces of chewing and distributing them back where they belong. In fact, in most cases a dental implant can be stronger than the tooth it is replacing. For example, if a person is missing all of their upper teeth (14 to 16 teeth) in most cases that entire arch can be replaced with only six implants. For those needing to get in touch with Dr. Shantzer about possibly getting dental implants, please contact 215-259-5880.