February Is National Bird Feeding Month and a Critical Time for Birds

LogoNational Bird Feeding Month started on February 23, 1994 when Illinois representative John Porter read a new entry into the Congressional Record identifying February as the month wild birds need the most help.

Why Birds Depend on Heated Birdbaths for Survival

LogoDuring the winter, flying conditions for birds are less than ideal and they need to keep their feathers clean for the best chance of survival. What can people do to help? Make sure birds have fresh water available by using a heated birdbath to keep the water from freezing.

Help Feed the Birds This Winter with High-Energy Crumbles

LogoWhen people think of feeding the birds in their backyards, they think of seed, suet and...Miracle Meal Crumbles. Duncraft's exclusive Miracle Meal Crumbles offer a successful, field-tested method to feed the birds and give them the energy they need to survive harsh winter winds and cold weather.

The Original New Hampshire Made Winter Roost Box, Now Longer Lasting

LogoBirds can burn up to 12-15% of their body weight on a cold winter night, trying to stay warm. They need a warm shelter, like a roost with an entrance hole at the bottom to keep warm air up inside. Duncraft, the largest online retailer of bird feeding supplies, announces their updated Convertible Roost House, now made from durable recycled plastic, which lasts a lot longer than other roosts on the market, helping birds survive in backyards across the US.

Duncraft Donates to Rotary Club's Bird Seed Wreath Fundraiser

LogoWith the holidays approaching, Duncraft owner Mike Dunn has gotten into the giving spirit by donating 1,200 handmade bird seed wreaths to the local Rotary Club for their annual wreath fundraiser. The Sargent at Arms at Capital City Sunrise Rotary Club, Mike Dunn uses his resources to provide for charities throughout New England.

Spend Less Money on Suet Cakes with Duncraft's Wraparound Suet Shield

LogoDuncraft owner Mike Dunn draws inspiration from everywhere and worked with customer M. Reed to develop several new bird feeders to prevent squirrels from stealing chunks of suet.

Duncraft's New Universal Suet Shield Makes Suet Last Longer

LogoDuncraft's owner Mike Dunn introduces the newest addition to their line of over 600 original Duncraft Exclusives with six new Suet Shield bird feeders, which come with their stainless steel insert designed to make suet last longer.

Facebook Fan Corrie Powell Inspires Name for Duncraft's New Bird Feeder

LogoDuncraft recently asked their Facebook fans to help name their new bird feeder and fan Corrie Powell inspired the winning name, Duncraft Double Delight Feeding Station, chosen on August 20, 2015.