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McKellar, Easter & DeVore is the leading law firm with the best criminal defense attorneys in Knoxville. The firm takes pleasure in sharing that Mr. McKellar, one of the partner attorneys of the firm, has been selected as a member of "America's Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys" in 2019. The reputed criminal defense lawyers in Knoxville are experienced and equipped to defend their clients against any crime; and will be able to guide them in the right direction in all kinds of state & federal crimes, felony & misdemeanor, aggravated robbery & speeding, arson, fraud, battery, DUI, Identity Theft and many others. Those who wish to know more can click on the link below. They can also schedule a free initial telephone consultation in any of the offices in Knoxville, Nashville and Atlanta. Should the clients be interested in retaining the services of the best criminal defense attorneys in Knoxville, they can be assured of receiving exceptional counsel and services.