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LogoAs the summer season continues, several different "summer friendly" recipes have been published, including chicken fajitas and breakfast taco recipes published last month to start the day off on a positive note. The Easy Foods blog also includes several recipes for those that stick to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Easy Foods Incorporated in the Press

LogoFollowing the new of the impending arrival of Easy Foods Incorporated’s Vedgee and TacoMex brands on Walmart store shelves throughout the southeast, the company was also featured on WOFL FOX35 earlier this month.

Vedgee and TacoMex Receive a Yes at Walmart Open Call

LogoWalmart Open Call is a two-day event where Walmart buyers can meet face-to-face with entrepreneurs with a single goal in mind: to purchase more American products. Through numerous meetings with buyers, Walmart simplifies supplier hopefuls to showcase their products and potentially allow them to reach the numerous Walmart customers. During Open Call, companies of all sizes all parts of the country have a shot at the American Dream.

Choosing the Right Tortillas

LogoFor those wanting the presumably healthiest option, corn tortillas may be a wiser choice. They have lots of fiber, there isn't loads of sugar, and the saturated fat content is also low. In addition, if portion control is important, flour tortillas tend to be small.

Easy Foods Inc. Receives a Notable Honor

LogoIn 2018, Easy Foods was honored as one of the prestigious 2018 Florida Companies to Watch. The honor is a celebration of second-stage Florida-based companies, as the name implies. Companies to Watch is an Edward Lowe Foundation project which aims to find a unique way to acknowledge and award second-stage companies that exemplify extraordinary marketplace performance with groundbreaking strategies and processes, making them “worth watching.”

Easy Recipes with Easy Foods

LogoEasy Foods remains exceptionally proud of the tortillas it carefully manufactures for the utmost taste and quality. To assist customers with coming up with creative uses for their tortillas, the Easy Foods blog is a great resource.

Easy Foods Inc. Offers a Broad Array of Services

LogoEasy Foods Incorporated provides a comprehensive array of services for customers seeking scaleable tortilla solutions that can be customized with minimal hassle.

Bookmark the Easy Foods Blog for Tortilla Updates

LogoEasy Foods Inc. remains steadfast in its goal of producing wholesale corn and flour tortillas that meet rigid standards of quality and taste. Easy Foods also produces tortilla chips made with genuine corn. The taste is so acclaimed, the chips are regularly served at different restaurants featuring Mexican food items in their menu.

Rely on Easy Foods Incorporated in 2019

LogoFor those in the foodservice industry, Easy Foods has a firm grasp of how vital economies of scale are for these types of clients. With that in mind, Easy Foods remains steadfast in its commitment to boost the number of units per case, offering quality products while keeping prices market competitive and focusing on comprehensiveness.

Add New Tortilla Recipes in 2019

LogoEasy Foods Inc. remains firmly committed to making wholesale corn and flour tortillas that meet rigid standards of quality and taste. Besides a variety of high quality, tortillas, Easy Foods customers can also take advantage of tortilla chips made from real corn. The tortilla chip taste is so delicious, they are regularly served at different restaurants serving a Mexican cuisine among their menu offerings.