Easy Legal Finance Inc.

Easy Legal Finance Offering Hassle-Free Non-Recourse Funding for Plaintiffs

Plaintiffs that have filed for damages in a personal injury lawsuit often find themselves in a financial bind. Serious injuries may force them out of employment and with medical bills piling up and other expenses continuing, they require funds to sustain themselves until the time of settlement. Easy Legal Finance Inc. offers quick non-recourse funds to clients.

Easy Legal Finance Inc. Offering Non-Recourse Advance Against Future Settlement

A lawsuit pre-settlement loan is a non-recourse advance provided to a plaintiff prior to the execution of the settlement agreement or verdict. The advance is provided on the basis of the projected future settlement or award. There is no income verification or credit history required, and a decision regarding the loan is made by the financing company after speaking to the lawyers involved in the case. Easy Legal Finance Inc. is a company of repute offering such advances to personal injury plaintiffs.

Easy Legal Finance Inc. Provides Lawsuits Loans on Merit of Cases

For most personal injury settlement plaintiffs in Toronto, waiting for litigation to wind through the courts is an upsetting experience. It takes time and may be devastating for anyone in financial distress. Easy Legal Finance Inc. works with plaintiffs to structure pre-settlement loans that fit with their specific requirements.