Improve Your Business with A Virtual Receptionist This September

LogoSelf Improvement Month serves as a great reminder to think about the ways people can improve and care for themselves. For lawyers, Realtors and other small business owners, getting organized and focused can be an excellent way to improve business and practice self-care. A virtual receptionist service like Easybee lets business owners stop worrying about administrative tasks and focus on their passion.

A Virtual Answering Service Can Help Businesses Compete with New Technology

LogoMore people than ever are relying on new technology, like phone apps and online scheduling, when searching for services. Customers enjoy the convenience and quick assistance offered by this technology. A virtual answering service can help Realtors, law offices, and other small businesses stay competitive as this technology begins to affect new areas and industries.

Easybee Offers Virtual Receptionist Services to Attorney and Law Firms of All Sizes

LogoEasybee, a leading virtual answering service provider, offers attorney & law firm answering services to attorneys, legal offices and law firms of all sizes. Available in English and Spanish, their legal answering services are designed to help law firms, attorneys, and other legal professionals to keep their law practice efficient and competitive. Answering calls from 8 am to 10 pm EST, Easybee's Virtual Receptionists help legal businesses in extending their working hours without the costs of hiring dedicated staff.

Easybee Provides Top-Notch Virtual Receptionist Services for Small Businesses

LogoEasybee, a bilingual answering service agent, offers virtual receptionist services for small businesses, including salons, health and wellness companies, plumbers, HVAC companies, pest control businesses, electricians, etc. The small business virtual receptionist services are designed to help small business owners increase their profits and reduce expenses without sacrificing quality service.

Easybee Offers Realtor Virtual Receptionist Services Helping Real-Estate Agent Personalize Customer Interaction

LogoEasybee is a leading virtual answering service provider that provides virtual receptionist services to help real-estate agents to personalize their customer interaction and resolve queries faster. Their real estate virtual receptionist services help real estate business owners and professionals to win more deals and become a market leader.

3 Tips for Virtual Receptionists Working for Law Offices

LogoLawyers are busy professionals — whether you're in a solo practice or working in a small firm with a few other attorneys, there's never a dull moment as long as your client list is long. In many law offices, paralegals complete necessary legal research to assist in litigation processes, and many lawyers are often stuck manning their own phones, unless the law office has a dedicated administrative assistant. And sometimes paralegals may instead get stuck answering phones when they should be completing legal research to help the lawyers they work for. There are better ways to manage your time — and as a lawyer, your time is definitely valuable.

How Can an Attorney Use a Virtual Receptionist

LogoAttorneys are intensely busy throughout the workweek. They often have to be litigating in court and meeting with clients about their cases. Some law offices offer administrative support, but if you're in a solo practice or a much smaller firm, you may not have the budget to hire a full-time assistant.

Stop Annoying Robocalls in Their Tracks with Easybee Virtual Receptionists

LogoRobocalls waste businesses' time and money, and Easybee wants its customers to know: It has a solution for managing spam phone calls

Easybee Offers World-Class Answering Services Helping Small Businesses Increase Customer Satisfaction and Productivity

LogoA name synonymous with excellence, Easybee provides world-class answering services for small businesses that help them increase customer satisfaction and productivity. Cost-effective and result-oriented, their small business answering services are ideal for salons, health and wellness companies, plumbers, HVAC companies, churches, etc. With their services, entrepreneurs can save their time, and make more money in the long run. They offer 15-day free trial allowing business owners to experience the positive impact of outsourcing their phone answering needs on their staff, customers and business goals.