Tenant Evictions Drop by 11%

For most in the housing market, the recession brought nothing but bad news. But over 6,000 tenants in England and Wales have benefitted from the downturn according to the latest research by easyroommate.co.uk.

Recession Forces More Couples to Live Together After a Breakup

Couples that break up are being forced to live together for longer as the tough economic climate continues to bite. More than one in four couples (28%) who split up now have no choice but to continue living together, according to a survey by flat and houseshare website uk.easyroommate.com/ .Of those who continued to live together 74% found the experience stressful (although a contrary 2% said they enjoyed it). Of those who had to share after their break-up, 65% said they’d rather they or their partner had moved out sooner.

Beginners’ Tips: House Shares, Lodgers and Room Lets

Tightening personal budgets and the wider economic climate have made room letting increasingly appealing for both those looking for somewhere to live and those with rooms to rent out.