Eco Real Estate (ECOREAL)

Revolutionizing REAL ESTATE ASSET BACKED Global Ecotourism Investments with Crypto

Own a piece of the Historic Village of Pedralva in Portugal and join our real estate backed coin offering and own a part of this rural village of Vila do Bispo located within a national park and close to breathtaking beaches. The villages is operated successfully as a fully licensed Touristic Resort paying stable Dividends to the Token holders.

Introducing the Real Estate Securities Token for Smart Property Investments

ECOREAL is pleased to present their real estate securities token, the ECOREAL Ethereum Token for individual and institutional investors. This is a fully compliant token service for real estate funds. Real estate across the world has been one of the most trusted investment opportunities. Many investors do not hesitate to invest in real estate as much as they do in other types of investments. However, not all investments are foolproof and once an investment made, there is no going back. But with the ECOREAL safe token investment, investors can take advantage of the block chain principles. The investors can be assured of complete fairness, transparency, accessibility and trust while the investments are applied to fully operational assets.