ECPAT-USA Launches National Songwriting Contest to Combat Child Sex Trafficking

LogoCalling all songwriters eager to help a worthy cause! In October, ECPAT-USA, the leading organization that seeks to end child sex trafficking and exploitation in the United States, launched a contest in search of its own musical anthem. Aimed at finding a creative new way to raise awareness and empower survivors, the contest will accept all musical genres and is open to all songwriters over age 18 who live in the United States, from amateurs to professionals.

ECPAT-USA Announces 5 Boro Survivor Solidarity Ride in New York City

LogoIn recognition of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, ECPAT-USA, the nation's leader in combating child exploitation and trafficking, is hosting a bike ride that will highlight trafficking "hotspots" in every corner of the city. The ECPAT-USA 5 Boro Survivor Solidarity Ride will be held on August 1, 2020, and will follow a 22-mile route to sites identified by members of our Survivors' Council as locations where they were trafficked. The ride will serve to honor the ECPAT-USA Survivors' Council, as well as other survivors of child trafficking and exploitation.

ECPAT-USA Releases "No Vacancy for Child Sex Traffickers Impact Report"

LogoECPAT-USA released a report today: "No Vacancy for Child Sex Traffickers Impact Report: The Efficacy of ECPAT-USA's Work to Prevent and Disrupt the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Hotels." The report details the results of ECPAT-USA's work with the travel and tourism industry to protect children from sex trafficking.

Trafficking Hidden in Plain Sight: New PSA Shows What We Fail to See

LogoECPAT-USA is the leading anti-child trafficking organization in the United States seeking to end the commercial, sexual exploitation of children through awareness, advocacy, policy, and legislation. The organization raises awareness of the exploitation of children with the vision of creating a world where no child is bought, sold, or used for sex.

ECPAT-USA and American Airlines Partner to Protect Children from Trafficking and Exploitation

LogoECPAT-USA is proud to announce that American Airlines is taking a major step in the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation by committing to sign ECPAT-USA's Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct (The Code). The Code is an industry-driven responsible tourism initiative with a mission to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry in order to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.

ECPAT-USA's Screening of SOLD Unites Los Angeles to End Child Sex Trafficking

LogoECPAT-USA, a world-renowned nonprofit combatting child sex trafficking, will hold a special screening of SOLD the movie with guest appearances by David Arquette and breakout star Niyar Saikia at Regal Cinemas Live 14 on Tuesday, January 17, 2016. Tickets are on sale now.

ECPAT-USA Celebrates 25 Years of Protecting Children from Sexual Exploitation

LogoECPAT-USA, a children's rights organization based in Brooklyn, NY, is the leader in raising awareness that children in America are sex trafficked, not just children from foreign countries. Thanks to ECPAT-USA's advocacy over many years, this awareness has led to new and important protections for child sex trafficking victims.

ECPAT-USA and AltruVistas Join Forces to End Sexual Exploitation of Children, One Journey at a Time

LogoAltruVistas, a San Francisco Bay Area leader of socially responsible tourism, together with anti-trafficking policy organization ECPAT-USA, are partnering to lead a tourism initiative that goes beyond the journey. This Thailand journey focuses on giving participants a glimpse at how modern day travel is combating modern day slavery and ending the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

19 US Companies Recognized for Exceptional Efforts to Protect Children from Trafficking and Exploitation

LogoTop Member companies from around the world are recognized for their "exceptional work to integrate child protection practices into their businesses." 19 of the companies are based in the United States and are guided through their membership and implementation with the support of Local Code Representative, ECPAT-USA.

HRS and ECPAT-USA Launch Joint Campaign to Combat Child Sex Trafficking

LogoOn April 17th, during the travel industry conference ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives), HRS and ECPAT-USA launched a joint campaign to focus on how the travel industry can combat trafficking. ECPAT-USA works in close partnership with the travel and tourism industry to ensure that children are not exploited or used for sex, and to implement the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct. The Code is an internationally accepted industry-driven corporate social responsibility framework that helps companies in the travel and tourism industry. The Code's six guidelines require companies to put in place policies and programs to protect children from sexual exploitation and trafficking. HRS recently joined The Code, and is committed to using their resources and influence to protect children from exploitation. During the conference HRS announced that for every signed business card collected, HRS would make a $5 donation to ECPAT-USA's work to combat child sex trafficking.