Hillsborough School District Has over 1000 Teachingjobs; Educationcrossing Find 10,000 Teacher Jobs

The three-day job fair, called the Hillsborough Schools Expo, is being attended by hundreds of teachers from all over the country.

LA School Teachers Agree to Salary Cut to Save Jobs, Educationcrossing Finds 10,000 Teacher Jobs Nationwide

School teachers in the Los Angeles United School District avoided the possibility of mass layoffs by agreeing to a salary cut.The salary cuts will save around 5,000 jobs. This means that around 1,700 elementary and secondary teaching positions will be saved.

Teaching Assistants in North Carolina May Be Saved from Cuts, Educationcrossing Finds 6,000 Assistant Jobs

Teaching assistants in North Carolina facing the axe may be saved by a bill proposed by Republican leaders. The teaching assistants that will be laid off under the original plan are those working in classrooms for grades 1 through 3.

D.c. Schools System "Excesses" over 700 Employees, Educationcrossing Finds 7,000 Jobs

The notices did not come as a complete surprise to most employees. The rising teacher salaries and cuts in the school budgets had pretty much guaranteed the fact that some positions would have to be eliminated.

The Layoff Notices Were Issued on March 15 and the School District Has Been the Center of Media Attention Because of Protests from Parents, Students, and Teachers. the Hearings Have Already Started on Monday and Will Continue Into May

The layoff notices were issued on March 15 and the school district has been the center of media attention because of protests from parents, students, and teachers. The hearings have already started on Monday and will continue into May.

Layoff Notices Budget Cuts Rattle Teachers Nationwide, Educationcrossing Finds 9,000 Teacher Jobs

Most school districts have been saying that nonteaching staff and administrators will be targeted first rather than teachers. But hundreds of teachers in Connecticut have gotten layoff notices.

Layoff Notices Continue for Teachers in US, Educationcrossing Finds 9,000 Jobs in Teaching Jobs

In Indiana, Indianapolis Public Schools, the state’s largest, will layoff 271 teachers. This includes 200 elementary teachers, 40 middle and high school teachers and 21 special education instructors.

Layoff Notices at La Schools Affect Teachers and School Staff, Educationcrossing Finds 43,000 Jobs

EducationCrossing CEO A. Harrison Barnes thinks teaching jobs in public schools are not the safe lifetime jobs anywhere in the country anymore. “But private schools are always hiring, as are public school districts in affluent areas.

Florida Moves Towards Merit Pay in Spite of Union Opposition, Educationcrossing Finds 10,000 Teaching Jobs

The bill would allow current teachers to retain their pay based on the old seniority model. But new teachers would have less job security.

New Staffing Guidelines Results in NYC Teacher Layoffs, Educationcrossing Finds 10,000 Teacher Jobs

EducationCrossing CEO A. Harrison Barnes thinks teaching jobs in public schools are not the safe lifetime jobs they once were. “But private schools are always hiring.